Dobee Snowber: I have recently returned to Monoprinting after a long hiatus. Part of this hiatus occurred due to the arrival of my now 10 month old daughter. As less and less of my time is my own I am learning to be more spontaneous and economical in how and what I create. What I am finding is that my expression has become far more non-objective then it has ever been in the past. Although there are still recognizable objects incorporated in the images ie: chairs, they are more spontaneous, less intended then in my previous print work or in the figurative paintings I continue to do. In the current series of prints I am working I use various combinations of small plates integrated primarily by pallet and mark. I work on several at one time never pausing any too long in one spot, moving brayer and brush across several plates within the same stroke. I like that the images each bear a resemblance to one another while simultaneously maintaining their autonomy.    
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