Jonathan David Leavitt

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Born in Brooklyn (New York City) in 1943, Leavitt currently lives and works in the East Bay. He has studied printmaking and figurative painting and has shown his works on paper at the Richmond (California) Art Center and the Berkeley Art Center. His current work is inspired by Otto Rank, an early 20th Century scholar of Near Eastern mythology, and a Viennese psychoanalyst, first beloved then repudiated by Freud.

Leavitt's work is represented in several Bay Area collections. He works at his own Double Squids Studio, and in a collaborative printmaking workshop at Studio 1509, Berkeley.

Contact: 510.684.9777 or

In 2003, one of Leavitt's prints was selected as a "highlight" of the Richmond Art Center Holiday show and auction by curator Peter Selz, professor emeritus of fine art at the University of California, Berkeley.

Dr. Selz is the former curator of painting at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and author of many textbooks, monographs, and essays on 20th Century art.

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