First Show at T324 Storefront

The Kunstlertypus Gallery celebrated the opening of its first storefront show at 1485 Solano Avenue, Albany on Thursday, September 16, 2004 (5-8 PM) in collaboration with the website production company, T324, whose walls will display some of the gallery's art. The exhibition, entitled "Gold and How it Gets That Way," is curated by Albany printmaker Jonathan David Leavitt and celebrates the golden light which has inspired Northern California artists since the 19th century, featuring the personal visions on that theme by artists Sonya Derian, Elizabeth Addison, Dobee Snowber, Biliana Stremska, Ken Durling, Leavitt, and King. The largest and most spectacular piece in the show is King's "Urban Sunflower", on the back wall, visible at night when the storefront is closed. The wall is painted a bold primary blue. The other works are clustered on a wall painted an intense primary yellow: the wall colors alone make the show unusual if not unique. Contact KT Gallery coordinator Eva Rose Leavitt for further information ( or 510-334-9660).